Our Welcome Letter

In the End there is Always a Beginning (death excluded).

So— you got sacked from your last job.  Big deal.  Face it, you hated them anyway. What’s more, those cubical lemmings had no idea how to appreciate you, your wicked sense of humor during intense corporate meetings, your kindness in showing up late each morning as a courtesy to those needing a jump-start, or your killer flair for pranks and practical jokes.  And we won’t even get you started on how intellectually superior you were to them or how popular you are on social media outside their myopic organization.  Reality is, they did you a favor.

Why?  Because as a soldier in the new economy you are ready at last, to bravely move into turbulent and unchartered waters with your independence, innovative ideas, hard earned experience, and the bitter-rich emotional baggage that comes with it, which is why you are now ready to be — an Official Temp!

As an Official Temp you are in demand and licensed to consider yourself an entrepreneur, a free agent, a single scout in the vast wilderness of corporate greed and shameless backstabbing.  That’s right.  It’s a whole new globally-economically-connected world, with immeasurable wreckage, and we can all pay great thanks to Wall Street malfeasance, corporate downsizing, pension raiding, startups, start-downs, and legalized slave labor.  Yes, because of wildly reckless business behavior, temps have moved into the forefront of not just a handy enhancement or replacement to one’s immediate business needs, but have in fact become one of the most valuable commodities in today’s commerce (just ask Amazon and Walmart).

More than three million individuals are currently working in temporary positions each day in the United States.  In addition, young workers will average 8.6 different gigs before they reach the age of 34, making temping all that more attractive for those who are commitment phobic or seeking new horizons.  And many of today’s most gifted temps aren’t just the pink collared.  Men, especially in the tech and manufacturing sectors, now make up 30% of the temping workforce.

Simply stated, the sky’s the limit – but only if you’re an Official Temp.

We ourselves have been to the bowels of hell and back. Battle veterans who are here to share all of our temping experience to your benefit.  If you can name it, we’ve conquered it.  Banks, insurance companies, asset management and legal firms, commercial and residential real estate organizations, startups working out of a garage, and even some adult “industries” we’re too embarrassed to admit. And on the subject of embarrassment, we’ve even temped in that reptile tank known as the entertainment industry.  But that’s another blog.

Why are we reaching out you ask, using what little free time we have living a Los Angeles life?  We find it our social duty and moral obligation to report the trials, tribulations and truths about what it really takes to become the most marketable temp on this planet.

We will help get you through the darkest of days and the bleakest of nights on the road to a new you.  Let our blog serve as your bible, your new best friend, even your lover if need be.  No matter what your background, color, creed, sect, denomination, orientation, handicap, felonies, it doesn’t matter.  Treat this blog as your survival guide.  A simple, no-nonsense-thousand-points-of-light approach to changing your life with you calling the shots. Because sooner or later everyone is going to have to temp – so why not make it Official?

And remember, an Official Temp never runs out of office supplies for their home, if handled the right way.  It’s all about the angles.

Now let’s get started.

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