A word about facial hair

Cutting Beard
In reality, a potential employer, or more importantly, the potential agency that can potentially get you to that potentially-perfect employer, could not possibly care less about your stabs at social positioning, and care even less about your well groomed, extensive facial hair.  And that means beards – the ever popular added follicle feature below one’s nose that has turned geeks into hipsters, and some aging men into believing it’s some fountain of youth, which it isn’t.

It’s all about marketing yourself properly and professionally, and any potential employer isn’t interested in your social influence or the stylistic statements you are trying to make on Friday night pub-crawls, bad art openings, or Sunday morning farmers markets.  What they care about is your ability for flexibility and conformity.  They have their own culture and they expect you to move with it.  Sure, if you are working in tech or creative, have your little ZZ Top beard and just show up on time.  However, for the rest of you – shave it.  Don’t get a committee of friends involved on the decision making, they won’t be the ones signing your check and friends almost never tell the truth when asked “do you think I look good with it?”

Just shave it.  End of discussion.

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