2 P’s =T

It’s All About Totes Baby!

One extremely valid quandary we hear from the ladies side of the isle ALL the time is what to sling on their arm when hitting that temp agency for the first time.  It’s a valid conundrum.  It breaks our hearts to see the Un-Official Temp at interviews, poised in a proper waiting room sitting position (take note!), legs together leaning to the left, crossed at the ankles, hands in the lap.  And under her chair is a purse, knapsack, and portfolio.  Sad, right?  But luckily you’re now reading The Official Temp blog, and learning to correct any business of fashion-business faux-pas.  And that’s why we endorse nothing other than the tote, the only thing the Official Temp female proudly struts into meetings.  And why shouldn’t she?

Today’s totes are both formal and casual, elegant and functional, and provide for mind bending efficiency, keeping things organized and tidy — including printed resumes staying flat, your MacBook Air safe and snug, and any other thing that our female Official Temp might need for her career outing (we will discuss formal packing for interviews later).

Only black or brown will do, solid, in a sturdy leather or a very good matte vinyl.  No patterns or stamping – and that includes ANYTHING by Michael Kors, Coach, or any faux designer bag you might have bargained from some sidewalk vendor (we suggest you throw that one away – Official Temps don’t do knock-offs, except for pearls).

Totes High Res

Avoid making the purchase online.  You need to see and feel it, and confirm that it screams business elegance.  Banana Republic makes some great totes, and you can find some good offerings at J. Crew and T.J. Maxx, and of course, Ann Taylor.  Tory Burch has some fantastic options, but she’s a bit heavy on the appliqués and you want to avoid those at all cost.  Pick a size that feels right to you, but still resembles intelligence and balance.

And if you decide you want to give your new tote a power-boost in confidence, tie a small silk scarf around the handle (preferably something with a fair amount of yellow and white in it), and voila.

See?  You’re one step closer to being Official.

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