Hunger Games

Facebook or Food? You Decide.

The Hunger Games
Originally devised as a way to help misunderstood Harvard students stay connected to other underprivileged friends on campus (cough-cough), Facebook morphed at lightening speed, and in our opinion, into a global tabloid for lonely shut-ins to shotgun the minutia of their lives, sans logic, and spawned a plethora of other social media sites, most of which have become a dumping ground for bad behavior, or worse, pictures of cats.

Regardless of the arguments playing out over invasion of privacy, your social media footprint can mean all the difference between invites to interview, or you taking another trip to the .99¢ store for instant Ramen.  Why?  Because prospective agencies and employers now go straight to Google, which always leads to a search of your Facebook page, followed by Twitter, and ultimately Instagram, which can spell disaster for weekend warriors.  And if the crime scene is too bloody, they won’t even bother with your LinkedIn account.

Jobvite, a respected recruiting platform that handles applicant tracking, released a 2014 Social Recruiting Survey that should help put a lid on documenting your hard-partying ways:  93% of hiring managers and agencies will review a candidate’s social media profile BEFORE making a decision to interview them, let alone hire them.  Are you listening?  Another 55% have reconsidered a candidate based on what they find on social media AFTER initial consideration, with 61% of those double-takes receiving a negative.  Sucks to be popular, doesn’t it?

A final statistic?  According to Money Magazine, the number one blunder leading to the drop-kick of a potential candidate?  You guessed it – drinking.  Yep, all those hilarious pictures of you and your friends on Instagram, completely trashed at TGI Friday’s with you regurgitating their famous onion blossom, guarantees your phone won’t be ringing.  So, if you’re planning on starving or borrowing even more money from your parents, by all means, leave those magic moments online.  And if you’re really looking to be humiliated, be sure to let them find your profile on Tinder.

An Official Temp loves a short-cut, but not on this one.  Don’t waste time with those startups that promote and promise to scan and remove any unfavorable material where you loiter online. These services might be well and fine for a general wiping down of the furniture, but for a job like this, only serious elbow grease will do – your own.  There are some very good sites out there that can walk you through it.

So, start scrubbing.  Or, go hungry.  You choose.

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