No Murse for me, thanks!

The Man Bag

Well, it appears some of our more opinionated and sensitive readers from the other side of the isle felt ignored on the discussion of what to carry into that perfect first interview with that perfect first agency. That’s right – the men!  And while some of the suggestions on what we could do with certain parts of our anatomy were riotous, the power-saws were nevertheless flying.  So we apologize. Wholeheartedly.  And in an effort to make right a terrible wrong, as any Official Temp does, let us jump headfirst into the subject and tell you men what you should be carrying into your first interview with that perfect first agency: NOTHING!

Look, we’re going to get to that.  But you haven’t got the interview or the assignment yet, and you’ve just blown a substantial wad with your new wardrobe. AND, we haven’t even started on resumes so any additional sticker shock at this early stage is going to be too painful and will only throw you into a tailspin.  Baby steps, remember.

But since you made such a stink, we’ll warn you now to start saving the winnings from your beer-pong-betting because you’re going to have to lay out some solid scratch on a decent Messenger bag when you are ready.  Yes, we said it — Messenger Bag. Not Murse. No Murse. Ever. Sure, some of our well traveled friends might bristle that men all over Europe carry a Murse, why not here? Well, that’s fine for Europe, but we’re here in the U.S. where we have football and the highest rate of gun violence of any industrialized nation – you can’t just throw a Murse’s into that.

And, since you’re so impatient, he’s a single consideration until we cover it in depth – much later. Royce-Leather-Saffiano-Leatherry-Laptop-Messenger-Bag-a13f199f-6d83-4289-98dc-5b93b85d11a7This is a comparable that you should be aiming for, the Royce Leather Saffiano Laptop Messenger Bag. The measurements are amazing, 13” high, 14.5” wide, and 3” deep with excellent lining and a zipped enclosure inside. If you do some online looking, you could probably find one of these on sale for a little over $100. If you’re not sure and need to see it purchase prior, by all means, hit the stores we’ve mentioned in previous posts. And if you can afford to knock it up to Tumi or another high-end brand with the same look, by all means.


P.S. The contributing editor who wrote this is – a man.

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