Assume the Position, and Cover your App.

The Resume

Okay, you’ve been waiting for it, so here it is.  What we believe to be the perfect resume for the perfect temp, make that Official Temp – format-wise, anyway. And, as important as layout is, remember that the less drivel the prospective agency and their client have to muddle through, the more likely they’re going to keep reading because it’s all about the amount of meat on the bone.  Here’s a quick rundown on basic formats.

Education Resume.  This resume is strictly reserved for the recent grad. Chances are you’ve had some interesting assignments and internships during your summer breaks, and that’s what you’re going to have to pack in – documenting those small victories while highlighting areas of study that pertain to a particular position.  And whatever you do, don’t forget to add your involvement with activities, clubs, societies, everything.

Function and Purpose Resume. This resume tells those prospective agencies of all your glorious walking-on-water-like talents and places absolutely no importance on dates or even titles. This is a resume for a very specialized field, like bio-medical research (and can possibly be used for the recently paroled if you had a job on the inside. We’re just saying.).

Reverse Chronological Resume. This is the most frequently used and most favorable to agencies. What it should list is pretty basic, in a reserve order of date, your most recent employer at the top, ultimately listing your education at the bottom.  A delicious sample below, and one that we ran past a few agency representatives who agreed – it was a winner, certainly on formatting.



See full resume here

Always remember when creating your Official Temp resume to be as precise as possible. The clearer you are in your accomplishments, the legal ones anyway, the better it is for the agency and their client to assimilate what you are truly capable of doing. And whenever you can, make note in the responsibility descriptions how you made your previous employer money or saved them money.  They LOVE this.  It’s all about profits, baby, and any Official Temp can appreciate this.

Don’t forget to run your new TOT Resume past a few friends – just to be safe.

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