Summer Fun, Something’s Begun

Crushing an Internship


While not totally Official Temp related, it sort-of is. And that sort-of-is IS some simple tips to our Official-Temps-in-the-making who are still at the books and living in dorms, and about to embark on making the best of their summer break with the ever coveted internship. Which means, this is not the time to slack, so heed the tips (and if you have any questions as to your wardrobe, ah hem, scroll down!)

The sad fact is that our next generation feels a deep sense of accomplishment for putting in the minimum amount of work, and we do mean the minimum amount of work, while still expecting to be rewarded. Worshiped in fact, which is why slackers have been getting so much ink lately, and for good reason.

Scoring an amazing internship and then doing nothing prevents everyone from winning, not to mention being unable to collect a good recommendation. Internships can be one of the greatest experiences you can have, working for a really cool company and racking up experience to paste to your resume at a later date. But just landing the internship isn’t going to cut it. Kicking ass at that internship is what’s going to make it an awesome experience, and you a better person — and of course, one day a stellar Official Temp.

Follow these three simple tips while on the internship, and the rewards will come:

1) Show some Class
2) Be Pro-Active
3) Make it Count

As a closing sidebar, there’s a totally hysterical semi-viral video on YouTube, “Meet the Young Activist Doing Everything She Can to Change The World.” Her mission? To show support for causes via numerous wristbands and Facebook postings, both political and social, rather than taking actual physical action (the food delivery in plastic bags brought to her door while she’s railing on the injustices of economy, space, and “whatever is happening in Africa” is riotous). The absurdity is brilliant. We think you’ll see the point.

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