Torn Between Two Lovers

Which Agency is Right for you?

Recently, Greg Booth, CEO and cofounder of Net-Temps, an online recruiting source, was professing that absolutely everyone should be a temp at least once in their life before deciding on a final career path, “find an industry that you’re interested in and take a job at whatever level you can for a three-month assignment” he advised. “By being part of that industry, you get a taste for it.” And do we love tasting things, or what?

Booth went on to explain that advancements in the temping industry has drawn in a more diverse and bigger pool of talent in the last decade. Booth even suggested that because of this increased stability in temping, people are finding the contingent workforce to be a lucrative alternative to traditional employment. He went on, that temps of today expect “the premium pay, varied assignments, new challenges, and a way out of corporate America.”

Sounds like Official Temp thinking to us!


Two options here. The first is the standard road of finding those agencies in your area through the online search, doing your homework on the companies they represent, finding out which positions they fill, and ultimately getting an idea on the rates and benefits they offer. It’s not uncommon for agencies to share contracts, so you might get more money with a different agency for the same company, applying the case of supply and demand. In fact, an agency can charge a given company even more money for a contingent temp who’s brilliant at IT, or even a competitive salary for a temp who wants something clerical.

The second option is reaching out to those companies directly who carry a substantial workforce in your area, companies you want to work for. More and more companies love to find contract employees, on their own, thereby cutting out the middle-man (or middle-woman) as agencies can take a substantial cut of the hourly pay involved, and often bump up the salary even more for a really gifted Official Temp. LinkedIn is an excellent way to start reaching out to people with this option, seeing if friends work for any of the companies where you’d like to get your feet wet.

Summer’s a-wasting, so get going.

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