The Bate Game

Bottom Feeding Agencies


Thanks to reality television, smoke and mirrors seems to be the theme of the 21st Century, and as such, some agencies are taking great liberties with truthiness by creating “fake” job postings to help beef up their stable of talent. Let’s not be too harsh, they’re just trying to make a buck like anyone else and parlay that stable of talent into cred when approaching a big fish to hook on their line. However, there is actually a two-fold motive behind this sleazy practice: What they are really after is Information about your current or previous employer, not necessarily you.

A former recruiter who asked for anonymity stated, “often when it’s quiet and you don’t have much going on, you’ll put a fake job online to get candidates in.” This person went on, “I would put up a generic ad saying a company is looking for a temp with 5 years of experience in business development, blah, blah, blah. Then after receiving a heap of resumes, I would invite the candidate in, but it’s really to find out where they’ve been interviewing. I’d then jump on the phone to those companies they’ve interviewed with, and say ‘oh, I hear you’re looking for staff,’ and then pitch our other candidates.”

A smart Official Temp generally can see right through a fake job post. However, when rent is coming up, the temp-tation can be too great, and the door for fleecing can be thrown wide open. Our recruiter added, “you also try to find out who their managers were from previous jobs to run a fake reference call and then go in for the kill, to find out how many openings they actually have, again for your own candidates. When we ran this play, we really had no intention of helping the person sitting across from us, which is the dark side of the staffing business.”

However – as an Official Temp, you rise above the rest with your keen flair for fashion and your eye for detail, not to mention a stellar resume. So, with all that said, do be cautious, make sure the agency you approach and wish to deal with specializes in temporary placements. And don’t be afraid to ask the recruiter ahead of time to name some of the companies they work with. You too can verify this by calling those companies they pitch for verification, and who knows, maybe turn the tables on them and land yourself a bigger check by cutting out the middle man.

We’re just saying – all is fair when rent is due, and Official Temps don’t get taken.

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