The Grass ain’t always Greener

Look, we’ve all had moments of lowering our standards to pay AT&T for our 2.9 G plan, literally accepting soul-crushing assignments, tasked to us by absolute trolls. Really, who hasn’t been forced into situations you swore on your life would never be you, only your landlord is sending you angry texts. So when it does become you, and you have to take that horrendous assignment, just remember some of your favorite celebrities have probably had it much worse in their own temporary employment endeavors. Much worse! And there’s nothing wrong with feeling a little superior if it eases the pain of the moment.

Johnny Depp – Sold pens by phone
Brad Pitt – Danced in a chicken suit in front of a fast food joint (but still rules)
John Hamm – Set designer for porn
Orlando Bloom – Pigeon catcher at shooting range
Ozzie Osbourne – Slaughterhouse (no lie)
Hugh Jackman – Clown (how little has changed)
Patrick Dempsey – Juggler
Danny DeVito – Barber (go figure)
Amy Adams – Hooters
Madonna – Dunkin Donuts

Brad Pitt

Your grass doesn’t look so bad, does it?

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