Clawing your Way to the Top

Ladies and their Polish


Our friends over at Cosmo raised some very good points recently on nail polish colors for that dream job interview. The reader asked: “Can I wear any color polish into my interview?” The Official Temp answer? A resounding NO!

Everyone looks at your hands the minute they meet you, it’s like a second window into the soul after your eyes. Well, maybe third. Regardless, your nails need to look professional and most importantly, they need to look confident. Yes, confident nails! You should wear a color that is muted and won’t steal the focus away from your face, especially if you tend to talk with your hands, which everyone does. So selecting the right color is absolutely critical.

To be safe, go for a nude-ish pale pink shade, much like Essie’s Nail Polish in Lady Like. It’s fabulous and if it chips on your way to the interview, the person grabbing your hand at introduction in the lobby won’t be able to tell. And make sure the color is the same on EVERY finger. Don’t checkerboard here – this is not the time to entertain yourself or claim your individuality with various colors on each finger. And for the love of God, please don’t incorporate glitter, nail art, or any appliques whatsoever. They’ll think you’re a wildcard looking to throw a wrench into how they operate. Conformity, that’s what they’re looking for.

If you’re a nail biter, you have one life-saving option. Grab some short and natural looking falsies. They will get you through the hump, and hopefully if you leave them on, which we totally suggest, it will encourage you to stop biting your nails altogether, which you should.

Last: Length. An Agency rep wants to know that you can type and file with total gusto, without worrying about your nails, so if your nails are on the longer side of the scale, we say cut them down to a nice, professional length. And if you’re unsure what that is, ask your friends who are working.

Now, here’s to looking gorgeous and nailing that interview.

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