Meet The Official Temps –


Louise Miclat found her entrepreneurial spirit when she was 22 years old, and realizing college just wasn’t going to work, packed her bags and drove the agonizing 32.5 miles from Claremont to Hollywood, and soon found herself working for series of startups within a very short period, lending her marketing savvy where she could, and most of the time with zero pay.  That’s right, zero.  As well, Louise has had a front row seat to some very bad business behavior on both sides of the desk, and became an expert through observation on what was and what wasn’t acceptable office behavior and swore one day she would do something.  But not without getting paid first.

When Louise isn’t juggling multiple projects, she is still juggling multiple projects, and remains a startup marketing guru.

Michael Bolger took a similar approach – bored to death with college instructors, he cut his time short and became consumed with freethinking and spontaneous living, which can get in the way when its time to eat and pay rent.  Michael, still in his mid-20’s, and still undecided on set career path, temped for every industry known to man kind and was always appalled at the lack of basic understanding of individuals going in looking for a job.  He felt thousands were working without a playbook to help get them ahead, and now, with his and Louise’s hard earned experience, they have introduced the play-blog – to help anyone entering the temp market to be the best damn temp in the world.

When Michael isn’t banging on the keyboard (not musically), he’s doing his best to return decency to the world through volunteering and philanthropic work, or at least that’s what he’s planning when this blog sells for a stack of cash.


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