Tip Sheets

Tip .02

NEVER.  No interviewer needs an asthma attack when they’re just trying to fill a position, and Official Temps don’t choke others out of oxygen in elevator rides, nor marinate themselves in a vat of cheap perfume thinking they smell beautiful.  It’s no.  Never.  Ever.  Don’t wear it.  Good soap.  That’s your perfume.

Tip .01

For the seasoned employee looking to retake the market for a career change at the advanced age of, oh, say 34, and is worried about competition from the new grad – know this. The playing field is about evenly leveled between retreads and fresh-faced college students.  Statistics always make us feel better, so here are a couple for you:
  1. Only 15 to 30% of today’s graduates actually hold in their hungry little palm an offer of employment upon gown day.
  2. The remaining 70%-plus will be forced into temping while searching for the dream job their parents promised would be there if they attended college in the first place.